Download Mach Write 1.6.2

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Download Mach Write 1.6.2

It Mach printing to both local parallel, serial, USB and networked printers, and printers can be shared from one computer to another, even over the Internet! Internally, CUPS uses PostScript Printer Description "PPD" files to cn downloads printer capabilities and features 1.6.2 a wide variety of generic and device- specific programs to convert and print many types of files. Many more drivers are available Write and in some Download on the driver CD-ROM that came with your printer. Discover New Mac Apps. Save money with MacUpdate Shop. Sign in Create account. Today's deals.
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  • MacUpdate Comment Policy. We strongly recommend leaving comments, however comments with abusive words, bullying, personal attacks of any type will be moderated. Email me when someone 2020 to this comment. MichaelWilliams Jan 10 Get the following error at the "make" command: 3 errors generated.

    Derekcurrie Mar 18 Beta CUPS can badly mess up your computer. I wish MU would remove that label for the developer website link. CUPS Write an open source project sponsored by Apple. The project can be found download CUPS. Nick-Collingridge Jul 30 Current version of CUPS built in to Nick-Collingridge Feb 6 Looking at the developer's site, cloud. Current version is 1. Phoenixdownunder Feb 5 Go to the site www. F Jan 7 SickTeddyBear Dec 5 People who are using the latest major version of OS X have no use for this.

    Apple already makes sure that CUPS is kept up-to-date for those users. The only people who might need or want this are those using an earlier version of the operating system, because in those cases, Apple download stops providing anything other than basic security updates, and allows certain open source components to languish. For example, while Snow Leopard already has Download 1. And with that said, keep creative mind that if you don't know what you are doing you can completely DESTROY your ability to print, which will require an operating system re-install or a backup restore.

    Nicolasd Dec 5 This is the version currently included with Just in case anyone was curious Frieddylan Download 15 Sorry about the site not found stuff- I stopped producing the binaries. The cost of having a. Mac account became too much without any donations. So sorry- If someone would host I could continue to build though. Frieddylan Aug 3 You can download the binary PKG file from my site- as always.

    Be careful and 2020 it ain't broke- don't fix it! Moog-Modular Feb 20 I would love this update right now, but I don't know why 2020 listed here either. It says on cups. You can compile and install CUPS 1. Scottishwildcat Nov 24 Since Apple bought CUPS earlier this year, why should Write have to download somebody else's version any more? If you don't download what you're doing with this, do not install it.

    Apple is good 1.6.2 adding the necessary improvements to the printing infrastructure and now in Leopold, apparently, printer drivers too via Software Update. Creative advice: if your printer is working, you don't need this. Rpphoto Sep 29 Mach Thanks for info. I have figured out the problem for that and made the fix, will be included in v1. Mac somebody point me to the site with Download custom ROMSplease? I am quite new to all this.

    Hey Wugfresh, Thanks heaps cloud buddy. Mach really got me out of a pickle. The GSM chip fried itself leaving me with no phone. I desided that was too much. My phone was in great condition because it was always in a case to protect it. Might of been why it overheated and burnt out the GSM chip So i stripped both phones down and swapped out mainboards which was very easy to do.

    The phone I just brought had some weard Rom on it Android 1.6.2. Thanks again. Galaxy Nexus GSM. Tried to backup Write single app from the backup 1.6.2 on the main screen. I get the error:. ADB was working, and the device was connected, according to the popup message. I will see if I can figure out what caused that.

    Thank you for the info. Cloud set Bluestacks as the default device when the nexus was connected. Once I shut down Bluestacks, it all worked fine. I intend to convert the device to F2FS soon, and am going to be using NRT to do the flashing once the file system is changed. Do you know offhand if there will be any problems with doing it mac way?

    Thanks for letting me what caused it. I just added a quick line of code so that if it fails populating the app list, it will just mac a blank pull-down menu, rather than crashing on you with that error. Regarding your question, as long as the files you are flashing are designed for f2fs, it should be fine. It was Bluestacks android emulator. Added a fix in this 1. Your app is really good. However I got a minor bug: After rooting process, the Cast Screen option on creative quick configuration Mach just disappeared.

    Download QEMU - QEMU

    The fun thing here is that I am able to cast fine through the regular enabled Chromecast apps like Netflix or Youtube, so it is not a Chormecast config issue. Thanks man. Maybe try re-flashing stock. Can I unroot without a PC? My mini USB is fried and I need to send it in for warranty. But want to unroot first. Any ideas? Should be stock ROM and recovery. I rooted and unlocked with toolkit v1. Always allows up as unknown device. Then you are in luck. You must follow these steps in the exact order: 1.

    Grant that app Superuser permissions, use it to reset the tamper flag if applicable to your device and also to re-lock your device. Now once you are certain that your are relocked, open Busybox if you have itand hit Uninstall 5. Your device will be wiped, unrooted, relocked, and stock Mach you still have stock recovery and are running the stock ROM. You would need a usb connection working then.

    When I download the boot unlocker it says I need Write have a rooted device Mach use. My device is not rooted, but unlocked. Should be stock for creative. I rooted and then mistakenly updated to 4. Thanks for this great tool. I need to ask, creative Nandroid backup feature, where does mac store the back up? On the device sdcard, afterwards it uses adb pull to store it on your computer wherever you specify.

    So it stores the backup on the sdcard temporarily only, correct? I asked because I have no idea how much space it would use. I have a Nexus 5 with 3. Would that suffice? However, 2020 RSA fingerprint that is suppose to show up on my phone when connected in adb debugging mode does not show up when the NRT is opened. Can you please help me.

    Thanks for the great tool and 1.6.2 steady enhancements. I have been thinking of updating to KitKat with the new CyanogenMod installer. If I Download to go back to a stock build is it as easy ass using the Nexus Root Toolkit to install a Google image? I got this: fastboot flash mac bootloader-mako-makoz20i. Please answer me! Answer quickkly Please! Full nandroid are one of the benefits of being unlocked. Your only backup options before hand are android backup files, and just copy download anything from your sdcard on to your computer.

    Easy on the caps lock, its the equivalent of screaming at someone. In Bootloader 4. Cloud, I probably Download fork the 1.6.2 stuff into another app — those adb backup features should work for any kitkat device, same deal with the screen recording creative 4. Before rooting I need to know what would happen on download tablet with multiple user accounts multi-user feature … Does NRT support backing up multiple users?

    Do I have to make a manual backup mac every user? How mac this best be done? Is there an FAQ somewhere that I did not find? Does nobody else have Mach problem? A quick Google search is telling me that adb backup only works on the primary user. Write found a thread where Mach said they tried to use my kit on the secondary users with adb backup and it just returned a 0KB file. Looks 1.6.2 you would need root so you could use Titanium backup pro with multiple profiles option, or just make full nandroids.

    I guess multi-user is still relatively new. Hopefully Google will improve adb backup in 1.6.2 future. Follow the instructions. You will have to boot your device into bootloader mode and configure the fastboot driver, which you should be able to do — then you can get everything back up and working. Thanks NRT! I messed up my phone so i decided to unroot 1.6.2 completely back so…it works! I tried some of the others out there but none of them can Write what this tool does.

    I put some jingle in Download pocket in appreciation Download your hard work. Even what appears to be a small change can take hours and hours of Download, sweat and tears. Again, thank you! Thanks man! Most appreciated. Yes, this program has Mach a long way from when I started it. Happy to hear that you are utilizing all the features! Please provide more details… What happens?

    I personally run Win 8. Its fully compatible. You need to explain what occurs. I have used Creative since 1. It is not a USB driver Download. I have done several Flash Stocks but the problem persists. Flashing stock does wipe everything. Then reflash stock. I am trying to get my Nexus 7 v2 mac up and running. It tells me to press any key download exit and nothing on my tablet has changed.

    Cloud have tried everything the instructions have told me to, but nothing. It seems nothing can talk to my tablet. Anyway to force my tablet to except this stuff. My N7 goes up on the Device Manager list of windows, so it is being recognized. I can get to the bootloader screen also. Not sure what my next step is. Please help. Have you unlocked your device yet? Unlocking is a prerequisite for flashing stock. If you have unlocked, please post a screenshot of the failed flash.

    It says on the bootloader screen that my locked state is locked. How 2020 I change that without my tablet turning on? I see now the unlock section of the Toolkit. I was hitting the OK button I think each time and it would not do anything. I now have the Unlock bootloader screen on my tablet and have clicked yes. Pressed the power button and nothing. Seems to just stay highlighted on Yes and does not change from there. Or try removing the usb cable when you see that screen before cloud the Yes via the power button.

    Also tried removing USB cable when I see the screen, does not change anything. Otherwise my download is exactly the same as the original post from ronjcar. Just stay in bootloader mode, and use the toolkits unlock button. Chose the option to do it manually. I have the same issue as ronjcar. Please try again. I have never 2020 any errors when rooting. And looking at my code, I am really unsure how that error could even be present at that point.

    Please confirm you are running v1. I am a bit confused. I just experienced the exact Mach error. Nexus 4. Seemed to happen right at the creative after the final reboot, just after it said device detected…. I did reinstall the program but still having the same Write. I run win 8. Have you tried Write windows clean-up, and maintenance trouble-shooting, 1.6.2 running ccleaner for registry errors.

    I have never even heard of gdipp until Download posted that. But here is the official page for it. Maybe you made a bad install. Sorry man, but this program is totally not related Write my program. That is the most I can help. I had used ccleaner cuople of weeks back. I have a Creative 4. I am trying not to ruin my phone.

    Maybe try solution 1 instead. Or proceed to the driver test. Just an FYI cloud if you configure your drivers incorrectly, its not going to ruin your phone. So need to worry. Just attempt to configure your drivers, run the driver test. Hey I have nexus 4. Hi — when attempting to backup SD card Download android 4. Does this mean not on lock screen or the type of unlocked that download everything? Hey, I really need to add a detailed response to this in the FAQ, and my apologies creative the late response.

    Create an androidbackup with neither shared nor Write apps checked. Also backup any folders on your sdcard that appear to be auto-created by games on your device. If you want to be super safe, you could just backup your entire sdcard and then restore stuff back selectively. Backup SMS and call logs if you care to keep that.

    You could also backup contacts however they more cloud auto-synced with your gmail account. Sign into your primary gmail during 2020 setup and let google play automatically restore your apps. Reconfigure your system settings manually like email accounts, stock home launcher layout, etc. This will give you the most complete and cleanest restore possible. The main annoyance will be re-setting up your email accounts and homescreen layout if you use the stock android home launcher ; other than that, you will have everything back and be back to where you started.

    Hi Thanks for your gr8 1.6.2 I am planning to buy nexus 7 lte. Unlocking may void your warranty however re-locking your device with the toolkit will make it impossible to detect that it was ever unlocked. Hope that helps. There is a special SMS backup feature as well. Please report back. I am trying to recover data from my soft-bricked Nexus 4. Can I use the toolkit for this? Cloud the bootloader is locked, there is very little you can do.

    Without the toolkit, in bootloader mode. Hopefully this will allow you to boot up. Thanks for this, I was able to wipe the cache using your directions. Unfortunately, though, the phone would not boot up after that. When I 1.6.2 down the power button, it just Mach back into the loop with the Google circles going in and out. To get your device working, 2020 doing a factory reset from stock recovery.

    Okay, thanks, I lost the data but at least I have my phone back. Have no Mach how it got into that Download Thanks for helping me 2020 it back! My computer is running in win 7 64 bits. What can I do? No still nothing. Re-installed the software and same… Reboot pc, reboot nexus 7 and still nothing.

    You are a genius! I was running Android L on my Nexus 5 Mach wanted to take it back to 4. Refreshing did nothing. I will be donating to 2020. You mean a Nexus One? If I got my hands on one, I would probably try and download it for nostalgia sake. First, thank you for an amazing Toolkit! I successfully installed the 1.6.2 and proceeded through the unlock process.

    For all intents and purposes it appears to have been at least partially successful. Should I cloud through the Full Driver Installation process again? Is there something that I might have missed in the steps? Could this have an effect? Yea I managed to delete ALL my drivers for all my android devices then reboot then had to go through about 40 more steps to get it to work… not as simple as many people say. Sorry you are having difficulties. I made mac driver installation Write simple as humanly possible.

    Download hope you get it resolved. There was nothing wrong with the software. Yes, you can flash any available android version to your device Write with the toolkit. This is a lifesaver. I was able to flash back to stock and OEM Lock it to prevent me from ever bricking it again. WugFresh, many thanks. Combination of, hold volume button down then mac charger, the nexus 4 will boot to fastboot mode.

    Too Many Items Mod 1.8/1.7.10

    I was rooting Nexus 4 running on KitKat 4. How is that possible? This update requires bootloader 4. To make matters worse my usb Mach is NOT enabled. Can you guide me or point me to the steps that can help me recover my phone? You Write unlock and flash stock purely in bootloader mode. No USB debug required. The unlock script asks if you want to start in bootloader mode.

    Do that. My Nexus 4 is stuck on 1.6.2 boot loop. I am unsure if usb debugging is enabled or not. When I run the tool Download I get the message.


    I do Download know what to do and am asking if you could help with Write. Please and thank you! So my Nexus 7 is stuck on a boot loop where it only displays the Google screen — endlessly. It will sit here like this for hours, not doing anything. Does this process normally take longer, and I am just being impatient? If I press 1.6.2 power button on my tablet in the midst of this it finally pulls up the following text….

    Also try rebooting your computer. Those errors are indicative of a wonky USB 1.6.2. To answer your first question; No — erasing boot should like like 1 second. Let me know if you get everything resolved. I appreciate the suggestion… but it seems to still be an issue. I have restarted my computer multiple times, and tried at least two other cables.

    Seems Write it is still an issue though as it will just sit here for ages not changing at all. Attempting to unlock the bootloader freezes, as does anything else I seem to try… Any other thoughts?? Do you have an unlocked bootloader? Some Mach says that the bootloader is locked. And when you say, it gets stuck on waiting for device.

    Is it on? Or is stuck in bootloader mode? There are four available options to choose from. Hey there, Wug! Had Android L Developer review installed. Download a bit buggy and was interfering with other apps. This made reverting back to stock 4. Well done and thank you! BTW, will you have the new 5. Greetings, Just wanted to put in a HUGE thank you, your efforts with NRT have helped Mach for some time now learning android and playing around with multiple devices!

    Please keep up the great work!!! All the best, Dave Stanton. I am having a problem with unlocking the device. I run the toolkit and it sucessfully unlocks the device and shows up as unlocked at the bootloader screen. Any workaround to this? You really need your bootloader to unlock to do anything. Instead Lollipop they will give us another new version of Android L Preview codename lpx13d.

    In a few minutes. Wug, You guys are awesome. Id installed Clockwork mod recovery. Following the LONG way around using command prompts, etc got me no where. XDA suggested that you not use an automated script. Then I found your script. Boy am I glad that I found you. Getting back to stock was simple. Just a few clicks…. Took a few tries to get the phone locked again.

    But its all stock now and ready for the OTA. Thanks again! You will be seeing a donation for your hard work and simplifying the process so drastically! Anyways, I downloaded the stock Download image from Google and attempted to flash it through the toolkit. I flashed Android5. Wait for SuperSU update to try again. Thank you for a reply. Download waiting for the update. Change the build type to the latest official build. Same thing happened to me. By the way, as always, love you WugFresh!

    Are you out on the Nexus 5? I figured it out,for CM11 users at least. Appreciate the software WugFresh! Appreciate the software WugFresh!! Getting Flash Write Failures on my Nexus 7. For what file specifically? The new 5. Does the download happen really quickly? I have used NRT Download successfully unlock and root my Nexus 7 Now I want to lock the bootloader while keeping root. Can it be done with NRT?

    Yes, relocking the bootlader will work without flashing stock first. That said, if you have problems in the future, it will make it more of a hassle to deal with. If you understand these limitations of relocking the bootloader, and still want to I am guessing for security reasons? Yes, for security reasons, and I understand the consequences.

    Thanks 1.6.2 the quick response. Awesome app! Unlocking causes a WIPE. So if you are not unlocked yet, then you must backup stuff first. If you are running KitKat and trying to flash Lollipop — the procedure will wipe data unless you disable that in the settings menu. I have installed factory 1.6.2 of Android 5. Now i must come back to stock 4. I unistalled old drivers, instaled new drivers, used Google drivers and also Universal Drivers or Pdna Drivers.

    If your computer can see your device when its in bootloader, then you should have no problems flashing stock and returning to 4. Updated to v1. Let me know if there is a preferred way to notify you. Or 1.6.2 you just use changedetection, or something. Sure, mgnews majorgeeks. Yes i did. Tried the original cable that comes with it still no luck. Am i doing something wrong? Stuck on Google screen. OKAY [ 0. Hi im very much new to doing this type of thing and I kind need some help walking me through the process of unrooting my nexus 5.

    I had a friend root it and I have no use for it and I would like to get rid of it. Help please. Check out one of the many videos on youtube. The toolkit walks you through everything. I looked at Babbling Booleans video and I followed it all the way through and when I tried to flash the stock ROM it said that I did not have the proper driver packages. And I installed them and 1.6.2 still did not work.

    Hey Wug, small problem. My original N7 soft Mach. Seems to work until near the end it hits this:. I tried manually starting the device with normal Mach on, restart bootloader and recovery mode but nothing goes anywhere. Its fine that your device is messed up. Thanks for the quick reply! The USB is still connected, but sitting for 30 mins — nothing happens. And then nothing happens. Simple power on does nothing. Rinse and repeat.

    No change. Maybe the device is a goner? Thoughts on that? Thanks much. Actually, looking at the above text you posted. It looks like it already erased your data partition — so your device is already wiped. I would keep trying to get that Mach unlocked… if you can, you creative be all set. Try a different computer, a different usb port… etc. Thanks for the help, and thanks for the amazing tool.

    Download your antivirus, it probably falsely flagged that exe and quarantined it. Also, please tell me Write AV provider you use so I can report it to them. Thank you Jumbles. I just noticed this false Mach as well, as I use Avast on one of my machines. I am submitting a false flag report right download. I can assure you, this package is safe.

    The programming language its coded in is known the cause false flags. Have also submitted Write report. Avast has been pretty quick to whitelist it in the past, hopefully this case is no different. Thank you for reporting it. Please give me a hand. I just use your great NRT to restock my old nexus 7 to 4. When im fail to ota update to 4. But the OTA is still failed. So i want use your NRT to upgrade to 4. But the weird things happen. And then i try all the method i could found to find a fastboot driver but with no lucky.

    Is there sth wrong in my bootloader? How can i fix it? Here is my progress in brief: — a nexus 7 with oem unlocked. I have tried your driver solution from 1 to 4. Have you tried rebooting your comp. What does device manager show when you are in fastboot? I change the cable from my phone, and it worked! But save my life LoL. The latest official google release for the Verizon Gnex is 4.

    Any advice? Whenever I try to flash a rom. It imports the image but always hashcheck mismatch and then cancels. I want to bring my phone back to stock and do a hard reset. Just chose the latest official jellybean for that gnex. Bro, today suddenly my Nexus 5 turned off and after that it Write on google logo.

    Would you please help me? Just did this on my new Nexus 5. Worked like a champ and a donation of thanks was sent. Hey Wug. So my father has a nexus 7 edition. It was never rooted. It updated to 4. Since he updated it started freezing up and restarting all the time. So he did a factory reset. It cloud into recovery to factory reset and i guess it was wiping and Write went to a screen with the android guy with a red triangle and exclamation point.

    He so mac let it sit for a bit and it did nothing. Where should he go from here? He lives a couple hours away so i can mess with it myself. Just looking for the simplest way to get him back up and running. Even if we can install customer recovery and a ROM. Thats fine too. Thanks in 2020. Just get it into bootloader mode, and run the unlock script.

    There is a message where you can say your are manually starting in bootloader mode. You can relock afterwards if you like. So he gets the to screen that says unlocking now. Force reboot the device. We reboot manually. No unlock icon. When i try to unlock manually with fastboot oem unlock it fails with an unknown error. Tablet goes dark. Every single time. Im convinced its a hardware issue.

    Emmc chip i think. I appreciate the help but i dont think we are getting this unlocked. Sorry to say it, but based on your description I agree with your diagnosis.

    Dec 08,  · Since version , QEMU uses a time based version numbering scheme: major incremented by 1 for the first release of the year minor reset to 0 with every major increment, otherwise incremented by 1 for each release from git master. Descarga fiable para Mac de Mach Write GRATIS. Descarga libre de virus y % limpia. Consigue Mach Write descargas alternativas. Dec 03,  · winemac: Take WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW into account when computing how much of a window is replaced by the Mac decorations. winemac: Include the OpenGL headers to fix building on OS X ntdll: On Mac, store the dyld image info address in the PEB. dbghelp: For Mach-O, get the address of the process's image info from its PEB.

    Definitely fits the criteria of a hardware issue. Hopefully you download get a replacement. He has had it for 2 years. I dont think there is a warranty anymore. Probably creative replace the chip im guessing. Thanks for all your help. And thanks for your amazing tool. Keep up the good work buddy. Special thanks to you man, i just install Android L Dev Pre.

    But i get some trouble while rooting…. Cloud gives you a link. Why I get hashcheck mismatch for any update I try to do? I manually installed the v. Nothing change with the mac version. Can you help me? It seems that everything is successful prior to 2020 — drivers, and unlock.

    Download Mach Write 1.6.2

    Mac payed close attention to the prompt on Write phone, when it was pushing. Please update toolkit soon so I can root my N7. I want to keep using the 5. And I want to be able to use those apps. Please keep adding all 5. I want to be able to backup and restore data etc. And creative for Nexus 7 Wi-Fi. I need all 5. Instead of giving orders on the internet, learn some English. So, I want to use 5. Instead of compaining on my english, use your brain for some reflection.

    I understood that you loathe Android m. It was just an example. And you can choose version 4. Trying to flash 6. Maybe something is wrong with the new bat file? Kudos to wugfresh to putting in all that effort btw! Same issue here with Nexus 7 LTE. I upgraded from v2. I deleted everything, reinstalled v2. Also manually unlocked and locked. Guess I will go to the manual flashing…. Downgrade back to 2. Unfortunately, 2. Help, anyone? I had some trouble with this so I had to try it a Mach times before it worked with NRT 2.

    I guess 2. Tried rooting with 2. Creative order for the kit to proceed with the root, it needed to mac Dependencies download one of the links to the mda89d. Waiting cloud on the update. Oh God that was scary. I fixed it. Had to use adb to manually flash the bootloader, radio, recovery, boot, and system, but I got back to stock MDB08K on my 6P. You saved my ass dude. Hade the same problem with my nexus 6, but then 2020 did as you said, flashed everything manually and boom it works again.

    I even got it rooted. Updated and tried to restore nexus 7 to stock but it does not work. It just hangs at the google logo. LuckilyI still had the 2. Everything works fine now. Just that I have trouble downloading openrecovery twrp image as the link is broken. Update : Unable to root nexus 7 grouper with 2. Tried 2. Same problem here…unfortunately 2. My 6P is stuck with the Google logo and manually trying download flash factory images through adb is not working says problem with sig on system file despite it coming straight from Google.

    Effing 1.6.2. The Nexus 5 is still great though, im still holding on to my bloated battery-burnt in-faulty home button Galaxy S2. See my Download below. I fixed it and got back to MDB08K on my 6P without 2020 data can reroot easilybut until WugFresh does a bughunt on this and releases 2. Seems like 2. N7 lte — is it possible to flash from kitkat also was flashed via NRT, rooted to lolipop or marshmallow cloud preserve all apps and configs?

    Too Many Items Mod / - Minecraft Mod, Skin, Item Download

    I am too tired to install and config everething again from the sctratch … and Is any advantage N7 LTE with lolipop 1.6.2 marshmallow against kitkat as I have now? Nexus 6 5. 2020 openrecovery-twrp Manually download the openrecovery-twrp Open the location where download nrt is installed. Paste the openrecovery-twrp Import the factory image. Flash the factory image. Copy it to phone.

    Launch Advanced Utilities. Boot Custom Recovery. Factory Data Reset the phone. Thanks for the tip about openrecovery Download I went back to 5. Where can I download v2. Same problem. I tried rooting N7 LTE. Hi WugFresh, same issue here. Bootloader is way unlocked but script detects otherwise. Nexus WiFi. Hi Wugfresh — 2. It does say its unlocked however so its slightly different than the people with creative model.

    Can mac now root N6 Moto without getting the corruption message cloud without having to do special things with 2. Me as download, not sure when will they release and add the said Mach updates from google on the list. Same with me. NRT detecting device nexus 7 wifi bootloader as locked. Is there a reason why? I want to be able to flash those and root, and backup, and restore, and many other things………. What with all creative issues people are reporting with the new 2.

    I recommend others do Write. I second that notion. I have been guilty of not supporting the developers as much as I should. Donation complete. Smooth as silk. Could anyone 2020 direct me to older versions of NRT? Mac i can find appears to be cloud when searching google. But after that it is still locked. More to the point, I am unable to download root kernel for this phone. I had a similar problem.

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